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lonely traveller

A moment of silence for he who is never remembered.
A prayer for the one who is downtrodden&forgotten.
A dark rose for the one whose soul died inside,
A black coffin for the one who is wished invisible.
He walks on sunny days with a backpack full of scripts,a hoody for the cold times and a willpower to survive.
His case,they say,is that of an asylum seeker,a runaway,a refugee of his own terminologies.
His eyes burn with the courage of a warrior,but his heart mourns and weeps from the inside………..

His diary is that of unfinished business, yet the ideas flow through the mind like that of a movie trailer, so inviting and curious to the person yet so irresistible. His feet are caked with the dust of many places and days, and even as he does his stuff,he knows that the life of hand-to-mouth is so frustrating to the mind but does he have a choice?

He is well known for being too special to see his own mistakes, yet we all know the hypocrites that say that are fully aware of their own faults, only they are too cowardly to make the first step. They wait for him to make that first step, for they are cowardly in nature. What a world……….

His world is that of loneliness, and everywhere he went, everything he did, was solely, if not entirely, on his own. For no company suited him, except his shadow, in conjunction with his Maker. Yet his eyes burn with a determination that is rarely seen, a fire that cannot be extinguished by anything, not even hunger………So strong is his willpower to get to where he wants, that even though the odds are against him he soldiers on, for he knows nothing lasts forever.

And it’s true. Nothing lasts Forever.


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